Hi – my name is Louise Egedal

I work in the fields of ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture. My training started more than 20 years ago, and now I am an established Danish artist with my own studio on the island of Funen.

My inspiration comes in many forms. Within the ceramic field I am highly influenced by the traditional Japanese “Wabi-sabi” aesthetics which in short means the beauty of imperfection. I strive to achieve a rustic and vivid expression in my works. I am also influenced by my education in the Danish crafts tradition, which means strict lines and minimalism. Combining the two cultures in the aesthetic field has resulted in what I like to refer to as “Nordic Wabi-sabi.”

As mentioned earlier I work in various fields of expression; the main focus is the idea – the material becomes a matter of the means; the DNA is the same no matter the subject. When working with painting I am on the hunt for a deeper emotion than just what meets the eye. My inspiration for these works stems mainly from my walks in the nature, both by the North Sea here in DK, the mountains of Switzerland and the rural parts of England. I now live far out in the countryside of Funen with my family. Here I find the calm and inspiration for new ventures.

If you´d like to see what happens in the studio, new works etc., feel free to follow me on Instagram – that´s in English too.